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01 - Recycling Products
Our recycling is done by the separation and recovery of all waste originating from its activity as well as the detritus delivered by drivers ( customers or not ) . These wastes are collected by authorized companies and certified.

What happens to the batteries ?
Components : lead, acid and plastic reservoir .
Risk to the Environment : all its components are heavily polluting in case of abandonment in Nature .
What future : the lead is melted and used to make another battery . The acid is neutralized. The plastic container used to manufacture other parts for automobile.

What happens to the oil ?
Components : oil coming from the black used thermal engines .
Risk to the Environment : 1 liter of oil pollutes 1000 liters of water ...
What future : the waste will be regenerated , ie , burned , thus producing energy.

What happens to the coolant ?
Components : water and Mono - Ethy - Glycol ( MEG ) .
Risk to the Environment : Mono - Ethy - Glycol is a liquid pollutant .
What future : the water contained in the liquid is distilled , and the polluting product will be Burnt recovering the energy produced by such combustion .

What happens to the tires ?
What future : the worn tire is valued ( retreaded or exported ) and burned to serve as a substitute fuel in cement , broken or in powder ( material recovery ) .

What happens to batteries and accumulators ?
Components : nickel cadmium or lithium.
Risk to the Environment : a small pile abandoned in Nature contaminates 1m3 of land ... Do not throw in the trash !
What future : the batteries are recycled by separating the chemical elements .

What happens to oil filters and fuel ?
Components: a metal part , a filter part , paper and oil.
Risk to the Environment : Soil and water pollution .

Eco -certified paper
The concern with the preservation of the environment has always been one of our priorities so we try to exercise our activity eco- responsible manner . For this reason the use of eco -certified paper proved to be a good alternative to paper, "said" recycled, this being a further step by Norauto in environmental protection .

Recycling lids
We also launched the challenge our teams to separate all caps plastic water bottles and juices , detergents , among others, and deposit them in the appropriate containers .
This campaign aims to collect plastic caps , that after sent to recycling companies , allow to obtain funds for the purchase of orthopedic equipment ( such as wheelchairs and adjustable beds chairs) , for people with socio-economic needs through Solidarity Institutions Social.Reciclar means that materials can have a new life and entering a new cycle , which results in saving natural resources and reducing the quantity and mixed waste .


02 - Road Safety
The tire wear and poorly inflated tires , are important factors in the accident. On the highway , every summer , the bursting of tires is the cause of an accident in five and a fatal accident in ten. The results of a statistical study conducted recently show that 43.9 % of vehicles are driven with poorly inflated tires . The tires , very important members in the safety of a vehicle .

The tires are the elements that make the connection between the car and the road . It should be a perfect to meet its two main functions state : a good grip and good braking .

- Dangers of a poorly inflated tire

- Dangers of a worn tire

- The tire wear

- Wear sides : evil filled tire

- The geometry or parallel

- Calibration of the wheels

- Tire pressure